Chasing the World!

Creating a career from a passion. Chasing the world combine travel with production and use social media to dictate their travel plans. A group of best friends on a mission to discover hidden treasures around the world and documenting it, hoping to create a tv series through it. We got a chance to hear how it all came about and their travels so far...

It’s an amazing concept, when did the idea for chasing the world come about and who came up with the concept?

The idea of Chasing the World really came from Danny and Arielle. They always wanted to combine their passion of traveling with their production career. They would stay up late at night talking about how much they loved traveling and how they would make a travel TV show that would truly inspire others. Arielle and I were sharing a studio apartment in Hyde Park at that time so I would be in my bed listening to everything they said and eventually I just said “ok sure, I’m down.” Champion was the most outrageous person to join up because he literally quit his job hours before deciding to buy a plane ticket and go on our adventure with us.

How did you all come to know each other?

Danny, Arielle, Pat, Champion and I all went to Chapman University together in Orange County, California. Champion was studying business while the rest of us were at the film school. We all had a connection in that we were curious about the world beyond college life. Katy is Danny's childhood friend from Arizona and she came out to visit a few times. We all bonded in Danny’s hot tub over beers and late night games of King’s Cup.

How long have you been chasing the world and how long you planning to continue?

Crazily enough, Australia was the first country outside of the U.S./Mexico that I’d been to. I took a big chance moving there right out of college. Since then I’ve been to many countries but there are still so many more places I want to go and things I want to do. Of course there are always things that bring you home for a while, but there is no job, career, or obligation that will ever keep me grounded forever. How boring that would be!


What’s the best thing about traveling with such great group of friends?

The best thing about traveling with a group of friends is that there is never a dull moment. In Singapore, for example, all of us got in on a joke where we convinced Arielle that the airport had “shower pods.” The pods would supposedly take you to the roof of the Singapore airport so you could take a pre-flight shower while looking over the city. It was completely ridiculous but we were all so serious about it that you couldn’t even blame Arielle for believing us. She kept us on such a tight schedule that day so we wouldn’t miss the shower pods. We still have a good laugh about it to this day.

But really the best thing is that when you are with friends you get to experience things that you wouldn’t necessarily do by yourself. Danny and Arielle are really into physical activities like hiking. I never would have done the jungle trek in Indonesia if they hadn’t been there encouraging me. When you travel with friends you get pushed out of your comfort zone but at the same time you have an infallible support system.

Have any of you fell out and have any of you been close to quitting at any time? If so, who and when?

I don’t think any of us have been close to quitting but we’ve all had our own freak-outs. Katy was not thrilled when we first got to Bukit Lawang. We arrived at night and it was very dark and eerie. By the end of the trip, though, she was so at home. I myself was really not into being filmed at first. I felt so vulnerable already but I’m glad Danny (who filmed everything) didn’t give up on me or take any of my diva moments too seriously!

I imagine you meet inspiring people all the time along your journey. Is there anyone that stands out amongst them all?

Obi Wan, our guide in Indonesia, was definitely an amazing person to meet. You could tell how much he loves his community and that he has put his own hardships aside in order to be a leader. He lost his family and many others in the Bukit Lawang flood but he has not let that destroy him as a person. It is inspiring to see someone come out of the other side of a tragedy like that. Not to mention Obi Wan's sense of humour... I'm pretty sure he played a prank on us at least once a day.

What’s the lowest point of the trip so far and how do you get motivated to keep going at times like that?

When we left for our trip I still didn’t have a job and my bank account was dwindling. In Indonesia I ran out of money completely on the first or second day—I think my conversion calculations were off. I had a spiralling panic attack. I’m usually pretty organised so that was a lot for me to handle. That’s when Danny had to take the crazy motorbike ride into the city so he could withdraw money from everyone else’s cards. In the end it was my travel mates who kept me motivated and I realised that part of having a good trip is to just swallow your pride when you make mistakes, accept help when you need it, and keep rolling on. A good life lesson really!

Are you making a living from chasing the world? If so, how does a project like this make money?

At the moment we are investing our own money and time into Chasing the World. Danny and Arielle rented all the equipment, hard drives, paid for film festival applications and anything else needed to move this TV series forward. The show is a true passion for the whole group so we have all taken out big chunks of our time to write blogs, be involved on all our social media platforms (as we always answer everyones messages) and above all pursuing funding or network partnership so that we may complete a first season of Chasing the World.

How have you gone about building such a loyal social following?

Social media is meant to be a two way street and we really take advantage of this. We want to share our story, but we also want to connect with people and share their experiences as well as our own. Our Instagram is all about sharing followers’ photos. There is magic happening everyday all around the world and we use social media to spotlight it. Even more importantly, we will be using our social media followers to tell us about their favourite, most unique spots they have traveled to decide were we will be traveling throughout the show. Hopefully between our TV show, social media and blog we will inspire people to get out of their comfort zones as we have.

What would you say to people that are skeptical on adventuring into the unknown?

Well skepticism comes hand in hand with curiosity. I think it’s a lot more fun to go out and experience what you’re curious about rather than holding yourself back and wondering what could have been. A lot of things can happen when you are traveling the world, but no matter what you will come back a stronger person.

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Thank you so much to Arielle and Kelsey from Chasing the World, who took the time out to speak to us and share how they are 'Smacking Fish!'

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You can catch up with them at or on their social channels twitter @ChasingWorldTV on facebook on Instagram plus more via their website.

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