We are not special, we are just following our dreams!

We are not special, we are just following our dreams!

We found 'Life is Good Follow Us, via a post from Dave Cornthwaite (who we hope to bring you an interview from soon @DaveCorn). These guys are pioneering travel with kids and lead by example. Their latest expedition is travelling by kayak from Copenhagen to Istanbul. Here's more about what inspires them...

(Oh and we asked them to do a little video for us, a must view at the end of the interview!)

How did you get the travelling bug and at what inspired you as a family to make the decision to take on adventures with Liva and Tiuri?

We always loved to travel and were completely hooked after our first big trips. When we had children people started to say: oh, now its over with the traveling, our answer back: "We are just beginning!" It felt natural to us to take our kids with us and they love to travel too.

Your 2014/15 expedition sounds great, tell us a bit about it…

We are kayaking from Copenhagen to Istanbul, in two special Hobie mirage Tandem Island kayaks ’sit on top' and it also has a sail. The trip takes us through 9 countries, 2200km of canals and about 5800km on open sea. A total of 8000 km. We are doing it for ourself and to help NURU International, an organisation helping people out of extreme poverty.

Getting stuck on the Wadden sea in Germany.

Have any of you gone overboard yet?!

Uhm well yes… Suzi did, we just started our day from a beach in Denmark and a paddle went overboard, she stood up to have a look were it went, the wind changed and the sail knocked her overboard. She was secured to the kayak, so no problems to get back in. And Liva has fallen in but we still think she wanted a swim. ;-)

What would you say is the best thing about travelling with your kids?

Spending time with each other as a family. It’s also a lot easier to meet people!

Do you feel as though you’ve had to make any sacrifices in order to travel with the kids and if so do you regret any of them?

We can be short on that one: No.

Do you worry about the safety of the children? Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve thought twice about having put your children in a situation you’d rather them not experience?

Safety is always our number one priority, if there is bad weather (thinking storm not rain) coming up we don’t sail. Sailing through the North East Canal in Germany we were stopped by the police. Liva was a bit upset and said who is going to take care of us when they are taking you? It was actually a nice experience but we should have told them in the beginning that its very normal for the water police to stop people and ask for papers etc.

Going fast in Denmark.

How do you find your next adventure and what criteria should it meet if any?

Normally adventure finds us. We like to visit friends and family on our travels, so a lot of times that’s the starting point. We wanted to see our friends in Australia. As it was high season renting a camper wasn’t an option, so we ended up cycling around wonderful Tasmania and had a great adventure. Off course it has to be something we all like to do.

How do you fund your adventures now that the camp site work is no more?

We have saved up some money and we hope that we will be able to fund the next adventure by writing a book, make a documentary and illustrated talks about this trip.

Do you think it's possible for any family to achieve what you have achieved so far?

YES, we are not special, we are just following our dreams!

What do you do in terms of schooling for Liva and Tiuri?

Learning by doing and 20kg of school books...

What do you think your children have gained that others that are maybe leading a more ‘conforming’ childhood, have not?

Especially on this trip they learned to be creative, having a minimum of toys and space. They have become very independent and their language skills have improved. We have met a lot of nice and helpful people and that have showed them to be more open and helpful towards others.

Sailing down to the point of Langeland in Denmark.

What would you say to all parents wanting to travel with their kids yet feel restricted by the things tying them down in everyday life?

Sell them and be free!!! You can always buy them back later, if you want to :-)

Smacking Fish is all about Believing in your ideas, dreams and goals, going out, Achieving them and Inspiring others with your stories. You guys embody the Smacking Fish philosophy. If you could offer any advice whatsoever in getting started and taking the leap of faith what would it be?

Save up a little bit of money, make a plan and go 100% after your dreams. It is that simple!!

Now as a bit of fun and something we want to try and make a feature of, We asked the Life is Good Follow Us family to be the first to set the bar of our Smacking Fish 5 meter challenge!!

Here's how they got on...

If you want to find out more about LIGFU you can take a look around their site http://lifeisgoodfollowus.com/ follow them on twitter @lifeisGOODfolus

We just want to say a huge thank you to Lars, Suzi, Tiuri and Liva for taking the time to share their story with us and setting the bar for the Smacking Fish 5 meter challenge! Enjoy the rest of your trip and we'll try and catch up with them again soon.

Have you travelled with kids?###

If not, what's stopping you?###

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