What is Smacking Fish

Believe. Achieve. Inspire.

So... it’s been 4 years since the term ‘Smacking Fish’ came into our lives and since then it’s been a topsy turvy kind of time. Life changing you may say.

It was an unbearably hot and sunny day on Barranquilla Beach, Cartagena, Colombia. Scott, Alex and myself (brothers in law) were in the sea recuperating from one of the wildest weddings the day before! The conversation as you can imagine was a little warped, but it turned to what was the one thing, more than anything we’d love to do if we could.

Alex was mid sentence when suddenly a small fish flew out the water and slapped him right across the cheek. Oh how we all laughed… That was until a small shawl made itself known by ‘attacking’ us for what seemed like hours but was clearly seconds. With Scott’s new wife shrieking in fear and jumping into his arms, the valiant guys we are fought off the invasion to allow her back to shore and all was calm!

The phrase Smacking Fish was born.

Needless to say the fish were clearly the winners on this occasion! That was until the conversation returned over beers later that evening and we made a connection (tenuous maybe) but a connection still, between us chasing our goals and bettering ourselves, to the phrase Smacking Fish. Now we would be the winners!


When we got back I immediately signed up to the ballot for the London Marathon, Alex made steps towards taking the leap into self employment, while Scott soon found himself in his dream job!

It was working.

You might ask ‘What was working?’ Smacking Fish was working. A simple phrase dreamt up on holiday was providing us with the focus to make things happen. Make a change. Give us the belief that we were able to get more out of life and also giving us the drive to help and push each other and succeed in new things.

It was a crazy time and we were all having real fun with it. At the end of every training session there were big high 5’s with a ‘Smacking Fiiiiiiish’ (it’s how we said it!) When Alex handed in his notice there were cheers over beers and a toast to ‘Smacking Fiiiiiiish!’

Not only that but other members of the family were getting in on it, even the kids! Learning to swim, riding bikes without stabiliser’s, creative writing courses the list goes on! It's about making time to ensure you manage to achieve, or even just experience things you dream of being able to do.

Growing stronger

We were feeling great and in the best frame of mind any of us had ever been. We were all beginning to extend our families and the influx in babies in our little clan has been almost uncontrollable. Between the 3 of us we’ve produced an additional 5 little beauties over the last 2 years, adding to the existing 2, so needless to say it’s been a pretty busy period in our lives.

It’s funny, pre-parenthood you only have your own dreams and aspirations to be concerned over and strive towards, but as soon as they arrive, your mindset shifts. You want to do everything in your power to ensure your children have the opportunity to achieve all they can and want to be.

This got me thinking. I had big ideas for Smacking Fish, I had thoughts running through my head at a 100mph all day every day but one thing kept cropping up…

"If Smacking Fish could work for us, then why not for everyone!"

With that we decided to put the idea out there. At first it was met with a mixed response, especially among the down trodden, conformity ridden people who’s idea of risk taking is putting the recycling in the normal bin. We created a Facebook fan page and twitter account and had a sign up page for people wanting to join our force! People started following us and liking what we were doing, our story and more importantly our philosophy. Not just friends and family, but people all over the world. Even Richard Branson had a say on it…. ‘Great philosophy, keep up the great work’.

So that’s what we intend to do.

We love to be inspired and come on… who doesn’t? Motivation comes in all forms and that's why with Smacking Fish we hope to connect and drive a movement of likeminded, aspirational, inspirational and motivated individuals all working together to make each others dreams a reality.

A lot of the time people accomplishing great things or even little things don't always share their story. Smacking Fish will give ordinary people doing extraordinary things a platform to share their story to a community that really want to hear about it. in doing so inspiring others to get out there and believe that they too have what it takes to achieve their goals.

We are currently working with people to make our dream of building the Smacking Fish brand and spreading the awareness. We really hope it won’t be too long before we can provide a platform for everyone to start using. In the mean time though we will bring you all sorts of motivational and inspirational stories, videos, articles, anything that we think you may find gets you going through this blog. We also hope to help some of you on a personal level achieve your biggest goals. If you’d like us to help in any way just email inspire@smackingfish.com and we’ll be in touch.

Believe. Achieve. Inspire.

Smacking Fish

Smacking Fish is a philosophy. A lifestyle brand. A social network driving a movement all working together to inspire and achieve dreams.

Leeds, UK.